sachets with full labelling

We have introduced sachets with full labeling to our offer. Sachets with free samples make a perfect way to advertise your products.

increased range of flavours

Whey Protein and Gainer
almond, apple pie, banana, banana-cookie, berry, buble gum, caffe latte, caffe-latte-chocolate, cappucciono, caramel, caramel-ice cream, caramel salted peanut butter, chocolate, chocolate caramel peanut (snickers), chocolate gingerbread, chocolate nougat caramel (mars), chocolate-banana, chocolate-cookie, chocolate-mint, chocolate-nougat, chocolate-orange, chocolate-peanut butter, chocolate-raspberry, chocolate-strawberry, chocolate-walnut, cookie, cookies-cream, cotton-candy, cream, creme brulee, double chocolate, milk chocolate, natural, nougat, peanut butter, pineapple-raspberry, salted caramel, salted peanut butter, salted pistachio, strawberry, strawberry-banana, tiramisu, toffee with coffee, tropical, truffle, vanilla, vanilla-banana, walnut, white chocolate, white chocolate-pineapple, white chocolate-raspberry, white chocolate-strawberry

Amino acids, carbohydrates
apple, black currant, cherry, cola, energy drink, grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange, passion fruit, peach, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry


Our offer includes a comprehensive range of services concerning the product preparation:
- designing a formula,
- production according to the formula,
- customizing (wrapping the products with the packaging selected by a customer),
- making labels of the products (text and graphics),

We guarantee a flexible attitude to the customers’ requirements – we are able to prepare both short and long series of products.

The offer of our products includes a wide range of dietary and nutritional supplements for athletes. We would like to present the most popular products from our offer:


- whey protein concentrate,
- whey protein isolate,


- maltodextrin,
- dextrose,

Amino acids:

- l-leucine,
- l-valine,
- l-isoleucine,
- AAKG, l-arginine,
- taurine,
- beta-alanine,
- l-carnitine,
- complex of amino acids.


- creatine monohydrate
- tri creatine malate


Wide offer of flavours is available

- we are able to prepare protein nutrients, gainers in over 50 excellent flavors, while amino acids and carbohydrates in over 14,

This is only a part of our offer. To obtain the full offer, please contact us.

The products can be packed in packaging chosen from our offer (tins, bags) or in packaging provided by a customer.